Sleepless Dreams

I wrote the following, a few weeks ago, after my first volunteer day at the retreat center [the dream job I’ve spoken of a few times before]:

Every now and then I find myself unable to sleep. Sometimes it’s because I had too much caffeine… Sometimes I slept in too late… And sometimes – like this time – it’s because my day was so great my mind, body, soul doesn’t want it to end.

Today I volunteered at the place where my future awaits. A slice of Heaven indeed. It’s a retreat center back in the hills of KY that serves as a place of rest and rejuvenation for ministers/missionaries and their families. 

I spent the day doing typical household chores- cleaning and scrubbing – but it was so much more. The sense of peace wanders through the air and the excitement of working hard meshes with the knowledge that my help is needed and is making a difference. Money seems so unnecessary when you’re doing what you love. 

What made the day even more amazing was I got to spend it with a two year old that was pumped up to clean! So not only was I doing what I am good at and helping people at the same time – I also got to be a kid at heart in the process! [and not have to deal with the “terrible twos” when her drama queen side flared. I could smile as her mother dealt firmly, yet graciously with her.] Someday I’m sure I’ll have a terrible two of my own to deal with… but not today 🙂

The day ended with a delish meal and a great conversation about how finances are covered for a full-time position with them. DREAM COME TRUE. I’m still in the discernment process, but the fact I can’t sleep to save my life makes me think that it’s the direction I need to head towards. 

Though there are sacrifices I’ll have to make such as fully trusting in God for my funding [can be a bit scary] and leaving my AMAZING roommate and apartment, part of me… A BIG part of me believes, hopes, thinks, prays that this is the right path for me. If I were a job – this would be it: Cleaning so people in ministry can rest, listening to their life stories, cooking delicious meals for them, helping to plan retreat weekends, living in the middle of nowhere, serving God, serving those who are in the direct line of service, loving, trusting, picking up my cross and following Christ. Yeah, I’d say that’s the dream 🙂

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