Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I’ll Love Ya! Tomorrow!

A bit dramatic, yes. But necessary? Yes.

I AM SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED FOR TOMORROW!!! and it’s not even a full day away, merely hours… My day will start bright and early at 3am EST as I wake up and get ready in 15 mins or less to drive to the airport!!! [That’s what happens when you schedule a 7am flight from an airport 2 hours away – who needs sleep? no tired. no sleep.]

This is why I’m so incredibly enthusiastic about July 23, 2014 [it seems as if I like lists…]:

1. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Yes. I’m one of those people who adore their birthdays. I do. I REALLY DO 🙂 I try to be a quite selfless person every other day of the year, so I like to have one day in which I bask in the presence of myself. It’s true, I’ll fess up to it. I love cards, and presents, and people telling me how awesome they think I am, and hugs, and good food, and friends, and family… which leads to…

2. I get to see my cousins that I haven’t seen in YEARS. Seriously, I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen them since my junior year in high school [really? yeah…?] They live in Idaho, which I spent the majority of my growing up birthdays either visiting them or at my favorite campground [McCarthy Beach]. My cousin has a daughter whom I have yet to meet and so look forward to doing so.

3. I get to see my MN crew – the Twin Cities Edition – friends and family that I bonded with during my mini-MN stint this winter.

4. COOL DOWN. Today was in the 90s, which I don’t mind from time to time, but today it seemed exceeding hot and muggy. Minnesotan summer 80s and evening cool downs sound lovely.

5. APPRECIATION. [not of me this time 😉 ] My original plan when I left CAP was to stay in Minnesota until after my brother’s wedding [#6 – not in any particular order], but my heart, mind, and soul [God] questioned and bugged me until I dropped everything, packed up, and headed south-east to my heart’s home, Kentucky. I can’t imagine who I would be if I would have stayed. I can guarantee it wouldn’t be pretty. Sure, I probably would be a lot richer, I had a good job – paying me $15.50/hour. I would have an awesome set of clients and would have learned a lot about the social services system – that’d be cool. I probably wouldn’t have a lump-some on my CC waiting to be paid off, and I’m sure I’d have made a dent in my car payments by now. I’d see my family more and be more involved in all this wedding jazz. I’d probably be happy, but I wouldn’t have this deep sense of joy that exists only in dwelling where God wants me to be [my opinion]. I would have missed out on making friends with a bunch of AMAZING people from my church [ROL]. I wouldn’t have ran that really cool half-marathon through horse farms [which would be sad, because horses are my dream]. I wouldn’t have seen all my amazing participants – letters just don’t do justice to face-to-face visits. I wouldn’t have bonded with past volunteers when I washed dishes at retreat. I probably wouldn’t have made it to J-Hood 2012 family reunion 😥  I wouldn’t have learned the humility of working at a job that I’m terrible at, not to mention working for minimum wage pay and receiving government health insurance [yes this was a pride issue for me]. I can now empathize, truly, with the folks I used to serve, as jobs are limited and the pay is crap, but none of that really matters because THIS IS HOME. Also, I do have really amazing coworkers – that I wouldn’t have been able to get to know. I wouldn’t be living in an apartment with one of my best friends [and twin] with incredibly intriguing neighbors. There wouldn’t have been soccer or the friends that came along with it. Or obsession over the world cup for that matter [which was fun 🙂 ] And I wouldn’t have discovered cleftRock yet, and perhaps would have missed the opportunity altogether which would be the ultimate regret I wouldn’t know I had.That would be terrible. I probably could go on and on and on, even moreso than I already have, but I’ll end simply with I wouldn’t be me. Thank you God for bugging me to tears that fateful day, and bringing me KENTUCKY-HOME.

6. MY BROTHER’S GETTING MARRIED TO A REALLY AMAZING WOMAN!!! WOO!!!! And it’s going to be the wedding of the century. Let me let you in on a secret: Now this may be selfish-Sarah’s-birthday-week speaking, but I’m kind of treating this weekend like I would my own wedding. You see, I am about to become a support-raising missionary, and I’m currently a minimum-wage employee [after 2.5 years of being a long-term volunteer]… I was not made to make big bucks. I live simply, I serve, I love, and I’m fulfilled. Unless I marry rich [which I doubt, because I’d kind of like a co-ministry PIC] I won’t be able to afford to have my whole family come to my wedding – unless it’s a massive potluck and everyone brings a dish 😉 So this is my one chance to see EVERYBODY. I mean, don’t get me wrong, attention’s ALL ON THE HAPPY, BEAUTIFUL COUPLE, I’m just excited to see everyone!!!