The Lord’s Provision


God did me one solid tonight. And I didn’t realize it until awhile after the fact. I had been craving pizza, so I finally decided to order one. Hawaiian – one of my favorites to share with one of my besties, who I know ate it with me in spirit. It was delicious. Mmm pizza, yes, good decision. Then a coworker brought in popcorn. Pizza and popcorn, two of my favorites = double yummm. Then some guests return with wings that were much too spicy for their taste, and what can I say – the hotter the better! Yes please. I munched on some wings and celery and enjoyed the familiar burning sensation on my tongue. Deliciousness!

Several moments later it hit me. God brought me my McCarthy night. God brought me Bimbo’s [my favorite restaurant near my favorite place on earth – McCarthy Beach State Park]. Bimbo’s Octagon is yes, and in the shape of an octagon, but also serves the most delish pizza and hot wings ever. And they have popcorn available to snack on while waiting. Every year since I can remember I’ve spent at least one day at McCarthy Beach which usually consisted of a supper at Bimbo’s. For many of  my teenage years I’d celebrate my birthday there, and instead of cake I would have suicide wings [their hottest flavor]. This year, is the first year that I can remember, that I’ve missed MC Beach.

Awww God. Thank you for not only showing me that you will provide, but also that you know my deepest desires. What a dude. I said, WHAT A DUDE. Suitors out there – look to God – He’s the best model man around!

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