Hit “Pause”

I’ve been replaying a scene that happened a couple days ago. Basic complaint/”I’m going to hold this ‘mistake’ over your head” scene. Sometimes I wish I could pause the professional and talk to the person, human to human, and say something along the lines of:

Okay can we pause this for a moment and talk person to person? Do you realize what you are doing right now? I’m sure you are a nice people, but come on. We only get to meet some people ONCE in our lives. This could be the only time we meet and you want to hold this over my head because this situation didn’t work out the way you wanted/expected it to? 

You see, that’s why I try to make conversation with everyone I meet. Folks in waiting rooms, on airplanes, in the line at the grocery store, especially with the workers. What if this is my one chance to meet THIS PERSON?! I may never see them again [until Heaven I suppose]. If I don’t ask, or smile, or say hi, or compliment them on their awesome sweater… I miss an opportunity to meet a really cool person. I mean I know I have a pretty rad life and I think my story is worth sharing – I’m sure mostly everyone else on the planet has felt this way at one time or another. So why not treat each other with respect. Hold our tempers. Count to ten [maybe even together 😀 ]. ASK QUESTIONS. Compliment. Smile. and Share. Our lives. Because who knows if we’ll ever get the chance to meet again. And who knows what we will learn from each other. Or how we’ll make each other’s day. How one smile will lead to another smile which will lead to another smile – so on and so forth.

Think about it.



Pass it on.

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