“Jesus, I stand for You

No matter what You lead me through
They will chase me out and close me down
But Jesus I stand for You

Ill always stand
Ill always stand
Ill always stand for You”

I’ve never really been good at this, being bold and standing for Christ especially when I’m feeling strong. It’s in those moments of weakness, when I’m completely out of my comfort zone, that I remember the One who is leading me and who will help me stand.

Today I was visiting with a new friend. I get to see him about once per week and we only have a few minutes to chat, but it’s really cool to see how God has been cultivating those few minutes to be so much more than mindless chatter. Today I was sharing with him about cleftRock – how excited I am to quit my day job and do something I love. And he said words that were so profound to me – he told me how cool it is that I am leaving my steady paying job and taking a giant leap of faith, trusting that God will provide. He said he probably couldn’t do it, but he respected that I could. RESPECT.

Now you might think this is quite mundane, that I get that kind of response a lot, but that’s not true. It’s amazing how the words of merely an acquaintance can be more life-altering that those I grew up around. How people who have watched me grow up and seen my desire to love and serve others, can turn a blind eye because it’s socially unacceptable to ask other people to pay my bills.

“Jesus, Ive stood my ground
When unbelief was all around
And I have felt the sting rejection brings
But Jesus I still stand for You, yeah

Ill always stand
Ill always stand
Ill always stand for You
For You, yeah”

Sometimes it’s invigorating knowing others don’t approve. It’s in those moments when I find my fight – my heart’s desire – and while realizing that most of the world thinks I’m crazy, I know that God is with me. In those radical moves of faith, God lifts me up from my knees and together WE STAND.

“In all this world

You’re all that’s true

Ill always stand for You

For You, yeah”

And that’s when the fun begins. When the crazy faith pulls the attention back to Christ, miracles happen and we grow and trust and learn and love and accept love. We see Christ clearly in strangers, as well as a friends and family – but mostly the ones we didn’t expect. Isn’t it amazing how the generous hearts tend to be the ones that don’t seem to have much to give, yet somehow are still able to keep giving?! THAT’S GOD.

I am blessed to know a wonderful couple, that recently taught me what it feels like to have someone stand for me. I was messaging them while my car was getting an oil change. I told them of my fears of just how much money the mechanic would tell me I need to put into my car this time, money I definitely don’t have [even with a “real world job”]. The diagnosis was much less than I expected, but still much more than I had.

Through preparing for my support-raising position, I’m learning that I just need to ask God, and He will provide. So I told him. “Tires, God, $400, God… How you going to do it this time? Let me know.” Messaging with my friends later, they asked if I survived and I told them about needing tires.

“Have you paid for them yet?”



Later I received a phone call. They told me they needed new tires for their vehicle as well, and Goodyear had a sale of buy two get one free, and they wanted to offer me their two free tires. Awesome. I wasn’t quite sure how it all would work out? Would coupons transfer over states?! Trusting God I was grateful, but still prayerful – even if this did work out, I still needed two more tires. Or maybe I could just replace the front two? Never mind, God, you take control. You got this.

A day later, barely over 24 hours after my car’s oil change, I got a phone call. My friends. They told me they got it all worked out. They called my service center, arranged for the two free tires along with covering the other two tires so I would have a full set. They also reassured me that the owner/mechanics of the service center that I had just switched over to were as trust-worthy and honest as they seemed. And then they mentioned one more thing. Now I’m already overjoyed and really unable to comprehend the amazingness and generosity of this couple, but one more gentle shove and I strike gold to a love that I have yet to experience, at least not in a capacity such as this. They told me they talked to the owner of the shop and told him to call them for any future needs that my car might have. They believe in my ministry – and what God is working through it – so much they would cover the cost of the future ailments of my car.

“A time will come when everyone
Will turn their eyes on the Risen Son
But until that day, this world will turn away
And so Ill take Your hand, Ill always stand for You

For You, yeah
Ill always, Ill always

When I was on the phone with them, hearing this amazing act of love and support, I was at a rest area and I’m sure all the strangers that saw me thought I was pure craziness as I was flailing my arms around, joyfully pointing up to God in recognition, jumping up and down, and all other gestures of pure love and joy. But it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. A generosity so grand that could only ever be repaid by love in return.

“Guilty of this grace
But You took my place
So Jesus, Ill always stand for You

Ill always stand
Ill always stand
Ill always stand for You
For You”

I hope I never get used to the amazing acts of encouragement and generosity of Christ who always reaches out to me in such unexpected ways, and always with so much love. He uses my dear friends, my close family, as well as merely strangers and folks I’ve never even met. I always feel blessed when He uses me to help others, and even more-so when He uses others to bless me.

“In all this world
You’re all that’s true
Ill always stand for You

For You
Always stand for You Lord”

© Tree63 lyrics by songwriter JOHN ANDREW ELLIS