True Gratitude and Happy Memories

What are holidays without family or an outrageous amount of delicious food? If you spend a holiday alone, is it still considered a holiday? Is Thanksgiving still Turkey Day without turkey or friends to eat it with?

This is not at all a pity party. I successfully enjoyed my pity party on Tuesday – ask any of my friends – I was thoroughly unhappy that day. Today I’m quite content and also quite alone.

There are quite a few benefits to working on a holiday. One, being holiday pay… Two, helping out coworkers so they can spend time with their families… Three, there is a TV and I’ve already enjoyed the end of the National Dog Show [I used to LOVE those growing up] and the later showing of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. And tonight I can officially watch Christmas movies [let’s be real, I’ve already been watching them for a month or two…]

I think today is truly a day of gratitude, because I super appreciate my opportunity to be home for two weeks during Christmas – and I’ll truly cherish every family moment as I remember my solo Thanksgiving. It’s also a day of remembrance, of all my Thanksgivings growing up that were so wonderfully spent with family and friends, and GREAT food too 😀

So this Thanksgiving, I’m incredibly thankful for what has been and what is to come. For great memories growing up, and for Christmas memories to come. For all the crazy volunteer Thanksgivings that were a compilement of volunteers  with family members thrown in here and there and all sorts of family food traditions served. For dog shows, the Macy’s parade, and Christmas movies that warm the heart ❤ [awww] For free hot coffee and buckeyes. For being in Kentucky, AND that my brother and his wife are moving to Indy so I’ll be ONLY 3 HOURS AWAY!!!!! I’M SO THANKFUL FOR THAT!!!!! 🙂 Which means I’ll see them and my parents more too! For conquering fears, leaps of faith, God’s provision, and the adventures that lie in the year ahead – hopefully full of many thanks for next year’s Thanksgiving celebration.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!!! 🙂

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