Living Life

A little bit over a week ago, God received one of His beautiful daughters into the care of His Heavenly home. She was one of my co-volunteers at the Christian Appalachian Project. When I saw the post on Facebook and then read the corresponding news article my initial thoughts were, “No way… No way… NO WAY!!! WHAT?!!!” She was 27. SO YOUNG. That’s one year older than me. I always pictured my 27th year as going to be the best year of my life – which is not really an important side-note, but nonetheless it suddenly seemed dampened.

Looking through the memorial on her Facebook page, I questioned God, Why? She had a passion for children and was great with them. She loved serving and her friends and her family, and Kentucky. As a matter of fact, she was on her way to visit friends in Kentucky when a car accident took her to her Heavenly home. Tomorrow is her funeral, and I pray for safe travels for her friends and family as they gather to celebrate the 27 years Jennifer spent blessing each and everyone of their lives, and for comfort as they mourn.

Now I realize that Jen is filled with so much love and joy in Heaven, unfathomable to us here on Earth, but throughout the weeks I can’t help but think about if that had been me, what I would be missing. There are so many parts of life that I LOVE. Simple things. Moments I hold dear. People I love spending time with. People I’d like to get to know better.

I get to be here on Earth. I get to live today, and each day until God takes me home too. I’m going to live my life to the fullest, bringing glory to God while enjoying the little things I love about it.



Hot showers in the winter months.  Runner’s high. Deep conversations with friends, especially the unexpected ones that continue late into the night. That feeling I get when I see and converse with the guy I like – a spark of energy keeping me awake because life in that moment is simply too wonderful to sleep. Belly-aching laughter with friends. Reminiscing loved ones with family members. Traveling. Road-trips. Dogs. Horseys. Pizza. When the worship team plays a song that my soul really needed to sing. The chance to be an auntie. Trying new things. Puddle-jumping! Coffee. Singing loud to my favorite tunes while driving. Making friends out of strangers. Cooking for guests. Using my time to help another. Grandparents. Sitting on a dock early in the morning watching ducks and loons glide across the otherwise still lake, as the morning birds sing. Turning to a verse in the Bible that really speaks to me. An epic blog post. Writing letters to friends and family. Watching God provide [even though it’s super scary at times]. Smiling. Learning a new song on the piano. Games. Yahtzee! Troll2 with J-Hood. Photo adventures. LONDON ❤ Big Ben. College basketball. Massages. Watching TV/movies. Saying something that makes someone else smile. Rodeos. Cowboy boots. A cheering crowd and medal after 13.1 miles of running. Haircuts. Visiting sites from movies/TV shows and taking pictures. Dreaming and hoping. Being grateful.

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