Holy Week

Holy Week is my favorite time of year. Well it used to be at least. Now it’s more like the memories of Holy Week are what make Holy Week my favorite time of year. Confused? Let me explain.

I grew up going to church at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Cloquet, Minnesota. Each year, we had the same services. It became tradition, and really doesn’t feel right without it.

During lent was Wednesday night soup suppers and lenten speakers, which usually included testimonies from adult and youth members. In my youthful days, I served at the soup suppers, raising points so my brother and his friends could go to camp… haha… And to discount my future missions trips, and because I loved serving! And eating… Wild rice bread. Need I say more?!

Maundy Thursday was the passion play, which I almost participated in one year. But it was classic, and my friends were in it, and it was wonderful. When I was younger it scared me, because when Jesus dies, there is loud thunder and the lights go out. I always jumped when it thundered. Then as I grew up, it was a harsh reminder of how much I’m loved by Jesus. A necessary reminder.

Good Friday was usually a combined service with Zion Lutheran Church. When I was in middle and high school, and participated in the Senior Choir, it usually meant we sang some sort of Tenebrae.

Cue Music: 

Easter Sunday at Our Savior’s is INCOMPARABLY AMAZING. If you live in/near Cloquet, you should go – assuming it’s still the same as it always has been.


I was in the Senior Choir and Praise and Worship team, thus I would be at all 3 services, but I would never cease to get chills as we sang this song, and the ushers pulled away the dark sheets that covered the pulpit and the front of the sanctuary, and especially the HE’S ALIVE as the sheets were lowered from the cross. Purely beautiful and amazing! I can imagine it is a slice of what was felt when the disciples realized that Jesus was indeed alive. My slice of gratitude, joy, and love.

Breakfast was served between services. Between the two musical groups, we’d work off all the delicious food going down and up the stairs from the choir loft to the praise stage.

Those of you who are there, I hope you enjoy it!!! Please do so for me!!! Maybe if I have money next year, I can come home for Easter 🙂 It’s the best!!!

Happy Holy Week y’all!!!

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