Tis the Season

Disclaimer about my heart: Most of you who have known me for awhile should already know this, but due to some recent moments, I feel the need to share it. I’m a giver and an encourager. When I give gifts, I usually make them, or at least create the idea of a theme that has some sort of deeper meaning to it. What can I say, I’m deep. When I send cards to friends, I handpick each card for each friend – I might even pray about it a little bit, so the words sink into the hearts of the card receivers. So those of you who have received Christmas cards – they’re not just cheesy ol’ cards – they’re heart-huggers in paper form.

If there are jobs in Heaven, or in God’s perfect world, I think I’d have my own little shop. People would come in, one-by-one or with families or groups of friends, and they would share their stories. After learning more about them I would create gifts specific to their needs or desires – things that would help them grow emotionally or spiritually – or simply make them smile. Then I would encourage them as they left, and probably give them a hug 🙂

This Thanksgiving, Verizon had a commercial on Pandora that changed the name of “Thanksgiving” to “Thanks-getting”. It made me angry and sad all at once, every time I heard it. Even though it was about Verizon giving you a super cool deal, the focus should never be on the getting.

Satan really kicked me in the gut today. He got me where it hurts, big-time. But I refuse to give into him. I refuse to give into the materialism that Christmas has become. I do enjoy exchanging gifts and sending cards. But not because of Santa or Black Friday or spending lots of money. I enjoy it because I can share Christ’s love through meaningful, usually homemade gifts. I’ve never been rich, ha, and as my family has experienced over the past several years, I don’t give extravagant gifts. I give a few small things from the heart.

God sent His one and only Son to us on Christmas, to die for our sins. To make us clean and better and FREE, He gave HIS Son. Not so we could live in fancy houses with all the coolest toys and hip new smart technology, or even to be comfortable. He gave us victory and freedom from fear and sin. And as a bonus, He gave us community to experience His love and to share it. HE GAVE ALL, BECAUSE HE LOVES US.

Please don’t miss out on the true hope and lights of Christmas by worrying about giving the most extravagant gift, because you can’t. It’s already been done. Share Christ’s love with others, and remember this is an especially tough time of year for most people. Be gracious and love.

From my heart to yours ❤

Merry Christmas!


My “FALL ON YOUR KNEES” ornament – My favorite part of my favorite Christmas song.



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