Torrential Rain

Torrential – “(of rain) falling in copious amounts” – copious, heavy, teeming, pelting, severe, relentless, violent

Rain- moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in several drops; a large or overwhelming quantity of things that fall or descend.

To speak honestly, this summer has been rough, emotionally. One luck of the draw situation sent my emotions on a never-ending tilt-a-whirl-style rollercoaster. Though mentally and physically I’ve tried to be a “Positive Polly”, my insides have been a mixture of Negative Nancys, Frustrated Fionas, Sad Suzies and Angry Anitas.

A week ago tomorrow was my birthday, and for the first time ever [besides maybe my 20th birthday…] I wasn’t completely enthralled by its amazinginess. I actually came to the conclusion that it would be alright if I never celebrate another birthday again [besides my 30th when my bestie Jordan and I travel through Europe – but more so the being together and traveling part, and less the birthday part]. Those of you who know me, or knew me, will find this quite appalling, but it actually makes sense, and I’m going to use it to prove a really delicious point.

[Don’t get me wrong, it was a great day! I cooked for friends, we ate gyros, we drank Rahrahritas, we played a Disney trivia game! Truly a dandy of a day.]

It’s like every other holiday that Hallmark uses to celebrate people, one day a year. I now get why mothers and fathers claim that they should be thanked far more often than just once a year. [It’s true, my mom is fantastic! She should be thanked weekly (I would have said daily, but lets be real, let’s not be excessive).] Being in the state of Sad Suzie, it very depressing thinking that people were only encouraging and celebrating me because they had to, because it was the 28th anniversary of my birth. But why should anyone, really, besides my mother and myself, care about the day I was born? I don’t like the idea that people are being forced to encourage me or give me gifts. I want people to want to encourage me when they want to, not when they have to.

Today I met someone really cool. His name is Bill, and it’s possible you’ve heard of him. He’s biking across America on what he told me was a “Thank You Tour”. He ducked into our store as the rain was coming down in torrents outside. He told me he was biking from Seattle to Florida and then up to Boston, and I overheard him explain to another customer that along the way he is expressing his gratitude to all the law enforcement, firefighters and military folks he meets along the way. HOW FREAKIN’ COOL IS THAT?! He gave me his card on the way out, and noticing the scripture on it, I told him that we would be keeping him in our prayers [bubble of safety, bubble of safety, bubble of safety Lord] Biking is scary.

You can check out his journey here: [includes GPS tracking and links to his blog]. I was excited to see that I made his story today! I blog about people I meet as much as I can, but it’s rare the moments I get be a character in someone else’s blog.

 I climbed about a mile and reached the top for a nice down hill and I mean nice, steep, straight, and good pavement; a great combination with the exception of one thing, a down pour. Just as I reached the top the worst of the rain hit and I had nowhere to go but down, so I took the lane and road as fast as I safely could riding the brakes to keep the rims dry so I would have some control to stop if needed. Well, by the time I got to the bottom, the rain mixed with the sweat coming off of my brow and into my eyes; I could not see. (When that happens the water and your sweat, with the salts from your body get into  your eyes and begin to burn to the point that you cannot see) My right eye was closed because of the burning and the downpour was so bad that I had to find a way to stop, so when I reached what I thought was the bottom I applied as much brake as I could safely without falling over because of wet roads and very little traction. I got it stopped in front of a thrift shop and rolled into the lot and under the overhang of the building and wiped my eyes so I could see and went inside for “sanctuary” from the rain. The lady running the store was kind to let me drip off in the entry of her store. I thought I saw a yellow sign across the street when I stopped so when the rain slowed down I went out to see what it was and sure enough it was a KOA, so you can guess where we are spending the night.  -Bill

and I was mentioned by his wife too in her post… Who knew “kind lady running a thrift store” would be one of my personas 🙂

As I drove toward Mt. Vernon, there would be 3 miles of pouring down rain, then about 3 miles of dry weather, then back to pouring rain. I didn’t know if Bill hit any of that or not. I pulled over to wait in Mt. Vernon when Bill called. He was headed to the KOA campground nearby so I turned around and went back a couple miles and pulled up at the office. My Bill was in the office dripping wet! He had hit the rain too and it came down so hard, it mixed with the sweat on his head, ran into his eyes and almost blinded him. He found his way to a thrift shop on the way to the campground and the kind lady there let him stand in the foyer until the rain eased up a bit. -Debra

I’m so thankful that God grants me moments to show kindness to others.


What my point is, is in this world where there seems to be a relentless, overwhelming quantity of things falling visibly in several drops, we need to be intentional about encouraging others. Not when we HAVE to, but when it’s NECESSARY. [Myself included], we NEED to be more intentional about looking into each other’s messes and finding the moments… Predicting the moments… when someone will need a hug, thoughtful gift or high-five, or even five bucks. We all have messes, and I’ll admit, they can be distracting. But we need to recognize the moments when God is calling us to be someone’s shelter from the rain, and the moments when we need to seek refuge and allow someone else to be our shelter.


Thank you for reading. 🙂