Seek and Pray

A couple nights ago I had a terrible dream. I remember going to a party with friends, when a few men came in and took us all for ransom. I remember praying, as I had no idea how to protect myself or escape. Then magically, I was home. And then again, my mother was driving me back to the house where we not allowed to leave. We must have been trying to save the others, because I have no idea why I would have gone back to a bad situation, or why my awesome mother would even think of driving me back… We were sneaking around, when suddenly I was caught. Like, like dreams do, my mother is pulled off-scene. We were all girls, and many of them I knew. Our captures were male. There were many fears floating through my head. And though, in my dream, none of those terrors happened, I was still tortured. There was a man, he seemed to be the head of the operation. He burned off half of my head of hair with spicy peppers. It was more embarrassing than anything else, but my close friends and kidnappees, loved me anyway.

When I woke up, I looked up “Kidnapped” which lead me to “Abduction” in my dream dictionary. It read as follows:

To be abducted or kidnapped in a dream is a warning that you must leave a situation in your life that no longer serves you, and you should do so regardless of your desires at this time. To be abducted by a stranger means that a current situation will end no matter what you do. You will be spirited away from the situation, person, event, or decision that is no longer in your best interest. This will occur at the hand of an unknown source.

“12,000 Dreams Interpreted” by Gustavus Hindman Miller

Saturday morning as I read this, I found it interesting, but took it with a grain of sand – as I do with many of my dreams.

Last night, 608 worship was filled with the Holy Spirit. He was a’movin’! First off, this week has been the first week in months that I have felt like myself – like the fog has been lifted! Praise the Lord! So worship was freer, more natural and not as much of a struggle, which was such a blessing.

There were a couple moments that hit me:

  1. Towards the beginning of worship, one of the worship leaders prayed that the Holy Spirit would move and that we would be open and listen. ::BOOM:: It hit me. It has been a long time since I have simply focused on listening to God, or asked him to help me do so. There has been an abundance of prayers and hopes, with much silence, but nonetheless, I think I’d forgotten the importance of just trying to listen.
  2. Towards the end of worship, I was lost deep in worship singing “I will exalt you God, I will exalt you God”when ::BOOM:: it hit me.

You can ask for prayer [from one of the prayer team members] to free you from your fear, anxiety and bad dreams.


It hit me so hard that I stopped singing and sat down. Little bits of fear pricked inside of me, and do I have to? thoughts. But then that Holy Spirit urging feeling hit, like my heart started beating really fast, and I knew I didn’t have to, but I also knew that I didn’t want to go home and live in fear of possible intruders or someone killing me in the night [irrational fears]. So I bucked up, and made my way to the front where a kind gent prayed against the fear and anxiety, and that I would have the courage to seek God whenever I need him.

You will be spirited away from the situation, person, event, or decision that is no longer in your best interest. This will occur at the hand of an unknown source.

I don’t know why I forget to pray when I need help. I’m great at distracting myself, hoping that problems will go away, but they never do until I pray. My word of the year is “Seek” and I think that Satan tries his best to have me forget, because there is so much power and strength in seeking the Lord. I’m thankful that the Lord is faithful to gather his wandering sheep and bring them close to him. That he never stops teaching me the importance of seeking him first.


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