Awkward Sarcasm

Disclaimer: Here’s the second of 5 poems written in December 2010 for my Intro to Creative Writing final. I was 22 years old at the time. I also had a read a selection of these (or maybe all of them?) in front of my class as part of my final.

‘Oh, I didn’t tell you?

My dad died when I was three.’

Awkward silence I must now fill.

. . .

‘Leukemia,’ I tell them,

‘Damn cancerous disease.

Took my dad, my dog, some friends too,

On that note, I think I’ll leave.’

. . .

But wait! First, I must uplift the mood.

Starting off with a nervous laugh,

I say ‘It was a long time ago,

No worries it’s in the past.

. . .

That’s why I love sad movies,

such as The Christmas Shoes.

I can cry with the characters,

and pray for no more bad news.’

. . .

No laughter follows, too morbid perhaps.

I sneak away and all that’s left,

Is a hint of awkward sarcasm:

This too shall pass.

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