Shit, I miss you.


I miss you.

. . .

It’s been awhile, but tonight I pretended you were walking right beside me.

Luckily no one was close enough to hear me talking to you.

Out loud.

They would have locked me up.

. . .

Speaking of being locked up!

Had I been driving a few mph faster,

I could have met the character, Jail Time!

Thank God, it was only nearly a misdemeanor!

. . .

I wish you would’ve been around to receive that call.

It probably would have been a whole lot funnier.

There would have been a whole lot less crying myself to sleep.

And somehow, it would have seemed okay, a whole lot sooner.

. . .

I wish I could tell you about:

  • The people who make me smile
  • The things that make me giddy
  • This Kentucky life I live
  • Adventures I’ve been on
  • My once-a-year display of epic courage
  • – – This year, you’d be proud
  • – – As I met James Taylor
  • – – No not the musician!
  • – – Well not the one you’re thinking of.
  • – – Funny, that’s the exact words I received in a text the next day.

. . .

  • – – The one from the Bachelorette!
  • – – I made him a rose out of a mini bourbon bottle.
  • – – He asked if the liquor was real.
  • – – Like are you kidding?!
  • – – Nonetheless, I got a picture for your wall of fame.
  • – – Him, and my bourbon he left for another James.

. . .


I miss you.

. . .

You would always make me laugh,

about my not-so-adventurous adventures.

Or the ones that didn’t end as well as I’d hoped.

There would have been much less crying,

and much



. . .

Shit, I miss you.

. . .

I even miss listening to your weekly update

on everyone in the family.

I have no idea what anyone is up to anymore,

because you’re not here to tell me,

or hold us together.

. . .

shit, i miss you

. . .

I miss driving you to the mall to buy things

you were only going to return.

It was job security.

I always knew I’d get more time with you.

. . .

I know you’re “in a much better place”

Hanging with the Almighty.

But I just wanted you to know,

That I remember you.

. . .

And my favorite word is still my favorite…

So one more time:

Shit, I miss you and

I love you the most!

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