My Grandpa’s Song

Disclaimer: Reading through some of my old works, I found this one. I wrote this free-verse poem in high school – 12/6/2005 – Eleven years ago!

Waiting to say things,

I miss my Grandpa tonight.

His almost still body sitting on his blue recliner.

Peering out to the neighbors across the way.

His Finnish accent rambling on and on.

As he munches some chocolate-covered peanuts.

I am his granddaughter, his song.

. . .

The cozy feeling was all around us,

As I looked around the familiar restaurant.

The Family Tradition was their favorite place to go.

My brother sat beside me and my grandparents across.

Our hearts were satisfied as we satisfied our hunger.

. . .

We reached my grandparent’s house later on.

My grandpa sat back in his recliner.

We played an old familiar game.

I ran by his recliner as he reached out to tickle me.

I can hear his deep laugh and my faint screams of joy,

. . .

Distant crying woke me up the next morning.

I heard my mom’s voice along with a few others,

But my mom was in the cities, wasn’t she?

My heart pounded as I rushed toward the kitchen.

I blinked to stop the tears that were blinding me,

As my mom told me the tragic news.

. . .

No day has been the same ever since,

But our memories will live on forever.

And my grandpa saying things in my heart.



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