Heel, Just Heal, Sarah

I’m dog-sitting this week, which means it is one of my favorite weeks of the year! It’s almost like a staycation, with a bonus dog! Syndey is a great human-sitter. She’s a gorgeous Goldendoodle, who loves to make sure that I get out walking at least once per day. She also makes sure that I spend more time outside in the fresh air and less time with digital devices. She’s lucky that I’m fasting social media this week, and Netflix, so we can get proper human-sitter/dog-sitter time together.

While walking Sydney along a bike trail near town, God gave me a somewhat humorous, yet completely true image. Every time Sydney would notice another dog or dogs, she would forcefully pull me in their direction. I, of course, would try to make her heel, or distract her with a treat. None of which worked. Syndey is friendly and loves making new friends. Much like someone else I know… (ahem… me)

God seemed to be helping me see myself in a different light. Clearly I have a desire for community and relationship, and living in a small town and working in an even smaller town makes that difficult sometimes. So like Sydney, when I see people I want to be friends with or get to know better, I leap and bound (figuratively-speaking) in their direction, not realizing I’m leaving my Lord, who is trying to walk alongside me, in the dust.

I took you on a walk, Sarah, so we could walk alongside each other. Not so that you could bound towards every moving, breathing thing. I know your desire for socialization and companionship. I also have plans for you. But today, lets just enjoy my creation together. It is fall, your favorite time of year. Heel, just heal, Sarah, and I promise you, when it’s right, I’ll let you socialize and bring you a companion, but for now, I need you to wait. I promise it’ll be worth it! You’ll be glad you healed.

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