Christ-followers come from near and far

Happy to serve, hungry for more.

Reaching out with their hands and their hearts

Inspired by Christ loving the poor.

Standing together, learning to grow

Touching through prayer, healing a soul.

Igniting the generations to serve.

Another day, another year to be made whole.

Not knowing where it’ll take you – God’s call to console.

. . .

A land far away with hearts closely gathered

Pocketbook poor, but not where it matters

People who’ve lost it all, but care more deeply

Are still willing to give and they don’t do so cheaply.

Love they hand out in return for our service

And some help along, making it worth it.

Children all smile, cute as can be.

Hungry inside, some don’t make a plea.

Incredibly crafty, quilts sewn and cans canned

A culture so rich, strings pickin’ bluegrass band

Nature at its finest, God’s breathtaking farmland.

. . .

Please take time to pray and seek.

Respite, housing, elderly, children, food, clothing, and more

Open to using your skills to serve the poor.

Just once then forever we all stay.

Even those who depart, are still here in some way

Connect with us and fill your heart with cheer

To donate or volunteer, you’re welcome to click here: http://christianapp.org/

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