Greater Means

As I plead,

I hear you say,

“If you stay,

Sure things would be okay.

. . .

“But this is not meant to last.

So enjoy it while you can.

Be here and present in this dance.

Live in the now, not in your plan.”

. . .

Oh Lord, these people I’m growing to love.

How do I leave such, all behind?

Lord, please tell me your will indeed,

With yours may mine align.

. . .

“Then you choose to follow,

Wherever I shall call.

Trust in me dearest one, believe,

For my promises will enthrall.

. . .

“I do not tread this path lightly.

Sacrifices, I realize, you must take.

Please remember darlin’, it ain’t about you.

Greater means, I assure you, are at stake.”

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