Lost in indecision,

With shouts on every side.

“Go this way! You must!”

One voice says with gust!

“If not, you’ll want to hide.”

. . .

I try and try to sleep.

The voices will not cease.

“You know you’ll always regret…”

“Listen to me, you’ll come to fret.”

Those folks I’ll never please.

. . .

Find your own voice inside.

Though they try to add pressure.

If only I could,

Surely I would…

Will it be any better?

. . .

Fasting I try,

To be rid of all the distractions.

Faint do I feel, then a moment of peace.

The hunger of stress soon to be released.

Spirit within me, be my reaction.

. . .

My God is the God of Peace.

He is not of confusion.

He leads us with grace,

At His very own pace.

All else is of delusion.

. . .

So follow I will,

That still, small voice.

Crazy thoughts though it shares,

As He answers my prayers.

His Will, my choice.

. . .

This life requires risk,

And the very letting go,

Of all answers that hold us back.

Journey, we will to stay on track.

On blind faith, our lives shall grow.


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