Unraveling at the seams,

I desperately shout out:

“What now God?!

What the f*ck do you want me to do now?!”

. . .

Soaking in the sunshine,

My inner anger boils and overflows.

I breathe and soak in the sun.

A tear or two spill over.

. . .

I try and listen,

to which I hear no response.

I knock,

but nothing opens.

. . .

“More patience,” they Biblically tell me.

I beg, I plea for clarity, for a next step.

Breathing is tough, as the stress weakens.

In the waiting, my body begins to unravel.

. . .

God is already there.

This I know.

“Perhaps He just wants to see how you wait.”

And watch me squirm… 

The thought makes me smile.


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