Timely ABC’s


Acquiring an ailment allowing throat annoyances

Booked be all the storage buildings of Berea

Colorful Colorado created the unceasing crying

Dreaming of departing: doubt-free and Duluth-bound

Everything has an effect on my emotions

Favored friends find all the fun festivities for an epic finish

Gates, gambling, guzzling goodns  and galloping greats

Happy, humble, and hospitable hearts

Igniting ideas inspire ideal intentions

Jesus and jumping for joy juxtapose just me

Kentucky kindles kindness

Lovers leap lulling the lens

My money is missed ‘mongst mice ‘n’ monsters

New names note new nuances

Opens the office of Omnomnommy O’s officializing my obsession

Persuasive people pray over my perceptions

Quaint is the quiet I quarrel to quench

Rest I relish, readying to recoup

Sweet are the sights, sounds and smells of the savoring, sadness, solitude and silence

Time tells of temporary tales and timely transitions to triumph.

U-hauling the unicorns unites my umbrella of understanding

Vested voices of the verbal vernacular visit in vehicles of vocational voicelessness

Wild wisdom wanted for worn woman

X is as known as the xenopus

Yes you’re yearning for yesterday

Zesty zebras zigzag in zeroes










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