Right-Hand Man

Disclaimer: Each day I lemmingly follow the person in front of me through each card-key locked door, to the break-room to drop off our lunches, and off to our work stations behind a computer. Here we sit and stare for nearly 8.5 hours, five days a week. Sometimes my computer will freeze for a session of five  to ten minutes. In these beautiful moments of freedom, I drift off to another world, a fictional one, made up stories of the people around me. Some stories will have small essences of true experiences, others will be simply created off of a small detail, or sarcastic thought in my mind. Welcome to the fictional side of The Rah Raw Diaries.


Skeevy. One word describing the man who sports his wedding ring on his right hand ring finger.

She saw him from the corner of her eye. Well-dressed in his pink-striped button up tucked into his kaki pants. Black socks coated his ankles and sunk their way into his designer chestnut-colored shoes. He smiled his skeevy smile, confident he was fooling his audience away from his troubles at home. Desperate as she may feel, he wasn’t fooling her.

No. Not this time. She would not let this sly fox near her.

“Hello,” he wheeled his chair closer to her. “I’m Steve.” Attempting a smolder and failing miserably, Shashauna blatantly ignored him.

“Hello,” he said again. Staring sexy daggers in her direction he smoothly crept his hand towards hers, fingers moving like the legs of a spider as it moves towards its prey.

“Ummm. I don’t think so!” Shashauna scolded as she swiftly withdrew her hand from his near grasp.

“Bubble…” she mumbled sternly.

“Ah what,” Steve’s voice threatened to tease.

“Get out of my bubble,” she motioned to the invisible bubble of space around her. “This,” she moved her arms around her nearly-arms length bubble, “Is Shashauna space, not…”

“Steve,”he smiled, cockily, clearly hoping for the essence of romance having finished her sentence.

Catching her eye for just a moment, he winked.

Suddenly, in response to Steve’s wink, Shashauna fell limp in her chair, acting as if she had been shot.

A moment passed and she still didn’t move. At the strange turn of events, a crowd of coworkers shot glances in their direction.

Awkwarded out, and slightly embarrassed by the unexpected scene he had caused, Steve slowly rolled away back to his work station. Under the desk, hoping no one would see, Steve pulled the ring off his right hand, and slid it gently back into place on his left ring finger.

Remaining limp for a moment longer, for the sake of dramatic flare, Shashauna subtly peered in Steve’s direction. Catching the not-so-clever action of the right-hand man, she silently scoffed. Sitting upright, back in her seat, she slightly shook her head and thought, Skeevy. Steve…. Skeevy Stevey.

At the trace of witticism, she smiled.

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