Thank You, Friends

Dearest family, friends, readers, and admirers 🙂

I just wanted to extend a plethora of gratitude for all your prayers, thoughts, love, and healing vibes. I am excited to proclaim that after three treacherous weeks and more recently, a weekend at my favorite place on earth, I’m finally feeling human again! Even better, I’m feeling like myself! It has been a rough journey indeed, and I will still appreciate thoughts and prayers as I venture through the tangles of insurance, and continue to persevere through driving anxiety – I can’t do any of this alone! Prayer changes things indeed!

Early last week I hit my lowest point. Attaining an inexplicable exhaustion and feeling ill for a couple days, I shared my very ugly thoughts and feelings with the Lord. He heard it all – the pain, anger, frustrations, fears, hopes, desires, and tears. It was not fun, but it was necessary. And God lovingly listened to it all. What a Savior.

I’m so happy to admit that the past three days I’ve spent nearly 2-3 hours each day being physically active, including my usual speed of walking (swiftly), wading in the water, hiking, and even basketball!!! This morning I shot hoops for forty minutes, and it was simply the best thing ever! Pain-free!!! God is so good!

This weekend I found myself at my favorite place on earth, twice. On Saturday, with one of my best friends, I sported my new “NOT TODAY SATAN” red V-neck t-shirt, and lived with that motto! I did not settle for anything less than God’s best for me ❤ He presented me with so many truly wonderful gifts: quality time with my bestie, a short hike in the forest, a walk in the water on the sandiest of beaches, a long drive on country roads, ice-cream, reuniting with old friends, pizza and beer at my favorite bar with great tunes from a local band, and God ended the evening with the most marvelous of sunsets. On the drive home, we enjoyed a mashup of lightening and fireworks. God is so great!

On Sunday, after visiting the church I grew up in ❤ I felt God urge me to return. The sun was shining, and it seemed bound to be another beautiful day, so I decided to take the risk. It was indeed a risk because it was the longest drive I’d driven since the accident. Taking many deep breathes, I drove the hour and half there, and even enjoyed most of it! Jamming out to the mix I created to get myself back into the swing of things, I enjoyed the windows-down drive to my favorite place on earth. As a reward promising to comfort me after my drive home that evening, I bought myself a new McCarthy Beach sweatshirt, the one I had been eyeing the previous day. God’s blessings were abundant on Sunday as well: long walks around the campground, inspiration for writing on the beach, a couple hours spent on my favorite dock – writing, soaking up the sun, and making friends with a a very intelligent 9-year old fisherman – picturesque scenes, and seeing old friends once again 🙂 God is the greatest!!!

I am so blessed to have a Savior that loves me so well.

I am also so blessed to have every single one of you love me so well.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, and for your continued prayers!

❤ ❤ ❤

May you have an abundantly blessed Fourth of July!!!

Thank you, friends!

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