Used to Be

I am a worn shell,

Unable to scrape together what I used to be.

These days it’s very evident,

How much I miss Kentucky.

. . .

Even if I wanted to,

I couldn’t go back to who I used to be.

Too much has happened, too much has changed,

To be who I was in Kentucky.

. . .

Where does a shell go when it ceases to exist?

As I clearly miss her who I used to be:

Her heart to serve and her proximity to

All those she loves in Kentucky.

. . .

Here I sit on my favorite dock,

On the edge of who I used to be.

Glancing calmly across the lake,

Wondering why I left Kentucky?

. . .

God has a plan, this I know.

For He made me who I used to be.

He brought me there to love and heal,

And then He asked me to leave Kentucky.

. . .

Emotions overwhelm and tears embrace,

As my heart cries out for who I used to be.

This broken shell can’t seem to grasp,

Letting go of the Kentucky me.

. . .

I’ll never forget the people I love –

For they shaped me into who I used to be.

Though I left them behind, they’ll stay in my heart –

The people of Kentucky.

. . .

Today begins a new journey,

As I seek out who I’ll be used to be.

Surrendering all my heart and hopes to You,

I freely give this shell of Kentucky.

. . .

Moving forward I’ll trust that You’ll transform

Me into who You want me to be.

An empty shell can only be filled.

Create in this, the new me.

. . .

I cannot see the future.

I do not know how You’ll use me to be.

All I can do is follow You.

And give You all of me.

. . .

It’s not much I must admit,

This shell of who I used to be.

But from nothing You birthed everything.

I’ll trust You’ll do the same for me.

. . .

The waters heal, the waters clean.

Purify all that should not be.

A new day dawns, a new light shines.

Blue skies clear – gray clouds no longer shadow me.

. . .

Adventure awaits along the lonely seas.

Calm the waves inside of me.

Strengthen me against the wind,

And use me in Your Will to be.


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