Small Victories

Disclaimer: I wrote this post about a month ago, yet its words remain true. The smallest moments bring me the most joy, such as now, sleeping on my stomach with minimal discomfort, or stretching without fear of shocking pain. Sometimes God might not be visible (to us) working in the big ways, but He is always, always present in the small victories. We just need to be focused on Him to see them. 

One of the best parts of treading through the trenches is that victories can be found in the smallest of moments.

I was delighted yesterday morning when I woke up with no pain! It was amazing! I pulled myself up from the recliner and realized that I had just spent my last night sleeping in our public space. Finally! I though jovially, I will be able to sleep in my own room! It really is the small victories that make all the difference in life.

Grabbing my pillows and blanket, I shuffled upstairs to my bedroom. Oh how I missed you, I thought. Though it is less than half decorated (as the majority of my belongings are still stored in Kentucky) it still feels like home to me. It is an incredibly freeing feeling to no longer invade my roommates spaces. Creating a nook out of pillows and blankets on the floor, my heart nestled into its sweet home. “Down-to-earth,” as I call it, my comfort in sitting on the floor. Especially when I journeying through the valleys, I prefer the floor to a couch or a bed. Call me weird, but it’s just the way I am – so I’ll embrace it.

Floor weird

Setting my previous week’s word “PRAY” back in my word jar, I reached in and pulled out two. Relieved, I smiled as I read “SHINE” and “You are beautiful”. That day would be a day of small victories indeed!

right words

God blesses us with all sorts of small victories in the Bible – truths to helps us get to life’s bad, mediocre, and even good days. The right words have a way of finding us when we need them the most. I subscribe to My Daily Armor Ministries and they send me a Scripture a day. On my day of small victories, I received Psalm 37:4 (I added on verse 5 for good measure).

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:4-5

Words of Truth. Small victories. Some days these victories come in brightly colored packages like yesterday when I was overwhelmed with good scripture, encouraging words of the day, a walk in the rain, a minute of running, season 3 of Good Witch available on Amazon (and with a coupon Amazon sent me, it was half price!), watching Table 19 and musing at how it was significantly better than even my already high hopes 🙂 and falling asleep in my own room on an insta-bed.

Today was more mundane. Seeking a few personal victories, I experienced joy as I wrote some poetry and worked on my short story fiction piece. Remembering the truths of yesterday’s Scripture, I will delight in the Lord, and the joys He has provided me. Though my job and car searches came up empty today, I will trust in Him, and HE SHALL bring it to pass.

I can feel God inching me from struggle to small victories to something grand that will ultimately bring Him glory. Slowly, but surely God will get me there ❤

P.S. I now have a car, well small SUV! God’s providing, one puzzle piece at a time.

. . .

Be encouraged, and seek out the small victories that God has presented in your life!


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