Sorry on Rewind

How does one let go of their dreadful past?

Moments that came and went, yet somehow seem to last.

Words written and judgments thrown,

In your direction. Myself I wish to disown.

. . .

How do we let go of that which makes us cringe?

Of all the unhealthy things I wish to binge…

Anything to distract me from thinking of those judgments.

Tauntingly on rewind, those thoughts – my punishment.

. . .

Forgiven, I suppose, I cannot let go.

I hate who I’d been, though from that I’ve grown.

I know now not to compare myself to others,

As speaking into lives is the gift of another’s.

. . .

I can never take it back, as I have learned,

That Facebook messages cannot be burned.

Leaving my pride singed and disappointing my soul,

Never repeating it has been my only goal.

. . .

My sorry rewinded as I saw you again.

Heart beating swiftly, my mind began to spin.

Peace be still my heart, you didn’t seem to recognize me.

It is time for me to let go, this now I see.

. . .

This is my last and final apology.

To you and myself, a forgiveness doxology.

It was a mistake I made so opposite of who I hope to be,

Which is why I still do not want to forgive me.

. . .

Luckily, this is not how God works His plan.

Even my worst mistakes cannot make Him less than.

“So forgive yourself already, you know it’s’what’s right!”

Despite my inner darknesses, His light still shines bright.


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