If Only in My (Kentucky) Dreams

I dreamt of Kentucky last night.

Waking up was surely a fight.

As I found myself traveling back to where I want to be.

The people I planned to visit, I miss so dearly.

. . .

I headed to Kentucky without even a place to stay.

My subconscious surely knows how much I’d love to get away.

Mamaw and Papaw had said I could stay with them.

But would they be ready for a visit on the whim?

. . .

Stress found its way into my dream as I forgot to tell my job…

That without notice from my vacation time I would rob…

Distracted by all my favorites, I kept forgetting to text my boss…

Being that it was my old job, I wouldn’t dread the loss…

. . .

I suspect this dream was sparked by a card in the mail.

From a Grateful’s customer making my happy heart feel so frail.

The people I served there were much more than customers.

For the love that they’ve shown, my heart still a’stirs.

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