Painful Memories

Old emails flashed across the screen,

Of words I’d once spoke.

Experiences I used to joke about,

When really my heart, they broke.

. . .

It’s easy to reminisce the good,

And even the embarrassing moments too.

But when it comes to my terrible self,

I’d rather quit and say, “I’m through”.

. . .

I think this is why I kept these memories,

All ruffled and unsorted in a box.

Now as I plunge into their depths,

Their hauntings return, sly as a fox.

. . .

It was on that ranch that I became,

The me who I didn’t want to be.

With those memories I return again,

To visions that I don’t want to re-see.

. . .

The stories I will continue to write,

As truly I promised I would.

But with the pain of these memories,

Here, I will bury them, for good.




  1. Thank you Alex. All of my content is my life experience. All of my posts, stories, and poems are originals. I’ve been blogging for five years, but have enjoyed creative writing since I can remember.


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