Painful Memories

Old emails flashed across the screen,

Of words I’d once spoke.

Experiences I used to joke about,

When really my heart, they broke.

. . .

It’s easy to reminisce the good,

And even the embarrassing moments too.

But when it comes to my terrible self,

I’d rather quit and say, “I’m through”.

. . .

I think this is why I kept these memories,

All ruffled and unsorted in a box.

Now as I plunge into their depths,

Their hauntings return, sly as a fox.

. . .

It was on that ranch that I became,

The me who I didn’t want to be.

With those memories I return again,

To visions that I don’t want to re-see.

. . .

The stories I will continue to write,

As truly I promised I would.

But with the pain of these memories,

Here, I will bury them, for good.



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