Beloved: A Psalm for 2018

I want to learn to love from a place of knowing – actually feeling on the surface, and in the depths of my being- Your love for me. I want to have a grasp on Your love for me – I want to be rooted in that, so when I share You with others, they will actually feel Your love too. I want to be able to receive Your love, and not just shrug it off – I don’t want to be able to ignore You as You pursue me deeply and lovingly. And yes, thus I am asking Lord that this next year, You will pursue me like You never have before. Crash through my walls, break down any barriers, and evaporate any fears, because Your perfect love casts out all fear. Make my knees weak, my heart flutter, and my soul yearn for more. Serenade me with Your truths, encourage me with Your words, and root me in Your Presence. Guard and protect my heart. Cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Woo me, unhinge me, hold me, and show Your love to me deeper than ever before. So from this, I will be able to love, as You have loved me. 

In Your Holy and Beautiful Name, Jesus,

❤ Amen 




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