Jumbled, and Taking a Break

​It seems I’m taking a little hiatus from writing… I’ve written and rewritten several posts over the past few months, but have never been able to finish them. My thoughts and words get jumbled and lost amongst themselves, never able to fully feel or fathom what they want or need to say. I, myself, am feeling a bit jumbled. They’ll come back to me, the words and ideas, that God has put within me to share… but for the next little bit, be it days, weeks, months, or years I hope to get lost in the words of another. Perhaps some of my favorites (ahem Ann Voskamp, Dr. Seuss, and JK Rowling) will reawaken my will and/or passion to write. Until then my friends, until then. Thank you for being dedicated readers. 🙂 My words have no point without you.

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