Meet RahRah:

I’m a 29 year old that doesn’t act my age. Three-quarters of the time I’m a old soul and adore spending time with my elders, listening to their stories, admiring their crafts and eating their food. The other one-quarter of my time preoccupies itself with puddle-jumping, watching Sophia the First, and reading Young Adult novels. To the pleasure of my native land, I adore lakes, docks and soaking in the sun as much as Minnesota allows. My eyes see in photographs and my heart speaks through words crafting my creative abilities. I also love Jesus, sweatpants, gummy bears, hoodies, bourbon, friends, family, my two adorable nieces, doggies, horseys, watching bull-riding, Netflix, London, flowers, Kentucky, wine-tasting, letter-writing, gift-making, traveling and service-work (not specifically in that order). I write about my thoughts, feelings, memories, adventures, God-connections, and most-importantly, all the amazing stories of the folks I meet along the way!

Come on now, let’s go on an adventure!

. . .

You are welcome to email me with questions, or prayer requests!